It's Lobster Net
We've been operating since 2007; and you probably knew us when we were called Discount Cisco or DC Data Systems. To keep it short; we supply networking equipment for up to 70% cheaper than other suppliers. Find out how below.
Leading Warranty
We believe in our refurbished range so much we offer an outstanding 2 year warranty with every piece of equipment.
Next Day Delivery
We hold our own stock; so no 2 week turnaround times here; place your order and receive the very next day.
Up to 70% Cheaper
We buy used equipment, refurbish it and resell it with our industry leading warranty and we still manage to save you up to 70% off RRP!
Equipment Repair
Our engineers are used to dealing with faulty equipment and fully trained in the repair and maintenance.
Same day spares
We spend our lives refurbing and repairing equipment so if you need a spare, give us a shout; we'll probably have it in stock.
On-site Cisco Experts
It's all about Lionel here at Lobster. Just get in touch for some free impartial advice.


Lionel is just one of our many Cisco certified engineers. They can help you with any technical or infrastructure based queries in a matter of moments. So, if you have a question; have a quick chat with Lionel and his team.