Eco friendly IT equipment disposal
  • Comprehensive assets report
  • Secure data wiping
  • WEEE compliant disposal
  • Nationwide equipment collection
  • Complete IT clearance
  • No minimum collection

Why we do it

We're all about looking after our environment and would love helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. We also know that sometimes, what you think is rubbish might be worth something to us; in such cases we'll pay you for it; other disposal companies don't offer this.

How to do it

All you need to do it let us know what items you'd like to dispose of. To speed up the quotation process, please provide your product details in the following format:

  • 2x Cisco Catalyst 2960-8TC-L
  • 4x Cisco 2843
  • 1x Cisco 7603 Chassis Spare
  • 1x Cisco Catalyst 3740X-48PF-S

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Too busy for forms?

We get it, you want to speak to a real person, just click on the lovely Live Chat icon at the bottom of your screen. Do you see it? Good stuff. Click that.

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If your old equipment is worth something, we'll pay you for it.

What we'll dispose of

If its electronic equipment, we can help you dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

What we don't want

Used toilet paper or non electriconic equipment. And, no, we can't collect your old mattress either.

Who we collect from

If you're in business, as either an SME or corporate entity, we'll collect. If you're in education as a School or College, we'll collect, and finally, if you're in government as a local authority or the NHS, we'll collect.

What does it cost?

It depends on how much equipment you have. Once we receive your equipment list, we'll let you know if we're going to charge, and/or how much it will be.

Who we won't collect from

It depends, if its a personal router you've got at home, you'll be better off taking it to the local tip, but if you're a Cisco engineer and want to get rid of your test equipment or some kit you just uninstalled from a business, we'll gladly help you out. We'll probably buy it from you too, check out our clawback page to find out more.


If you're confused by this, just give us a buzz using the LiveChat below.

Waste Management Licence
Certified waste managers; we'll look after your waste safely
Money Back on Valued Items
If your equipment turns out to be worth money; we'll pay you
ISO 9001:2000 Accreditation
We're working towards ISO 9001:2000 waste management
ISO 14001:2004 Accredited
We're also working towards ISO 14001:2004 waste management
No Minimum Collection
Whatever you need to dispose of, just ask us to collect
Guaranteed Legal Compliance
We'll dispose of your equipment in line with the law