Data Centre Decommissioning and Relocation causing you grief?

16/11/2015 15:24

At Lobster Net we make migrating your data centre hardware a breeze. Our expert teams undertake decommissioning, de-racking and de-cabling with all hardware being securely packed in high security flight cases. Everything is then loaded in to our high security vehicles that are fitted with alarms and tracking devices.

Once your hardware arrives at the move destination everything is unpacked re-cabled, re-racked and recommissioned, simple!

Our teams can work around the clock to ensure your move goes as you would expect it to, on schedule and safely.  The scale of your move is not an issue, from a small move to an entire datacentre relocation we will work with you to make it happen effectively, efficiently and economically!


The security of your equipment is of paramount importance. We are as passionate about the security of your equipment as you are, that is why we commit to the following on all moves:


• All equipment is checked out, recorded, and checked back in at the destination

• Equipment is transported in sealed cases, inside locked vehicles

• Equipment is never left unattended at any time

• Vehicles are fitted with alarms and immobilisers

• All equipment is fully insured throughout the entire move process

• All staff carry photo ID

• All vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking units that our clients’ can access during transit

• On request, clients can accompany the equipment during the transit period

• We run a very new fleet of vehicles, a mixture of Air-ride trucks and panel vans. All have been specially designed with the safe transportation of server equipment in mind.


If during your migration you find that you have hardware that you no longer require we will safely and securely dispose it in compliance with all relevant legislation, you may even find that some of your surplus hardware has a residual value for which you will be paid.


Speak to us at Lobster Net for further information on 020 8787 7050. 

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