Electronics Recycling: Why Bother?

08/07/2016 15:19

Electronics recycling

As our economy has grown over the past 20 years, so has the advancement of the electronics that significantly contributed to the improvement of our lives in many ways. However, due to our strong dependence on this equipment, our environment is ever more exposed to the hazards of electronic waste.  

Also known as E-waste, electronic waste is now adding up to the growing trash mountain in our society. And so - electronics recycling emerged. IT kit is made up of metals which are really recyclable. By dismantling equipment that is no longer in “useful life” and recycling their parts, we are actually helping a lot in the conservation of our precious natural resources. 

Here are some of the benefits of electronics recycling: 

IT recycling saves our environment. There are various materials that we can get from unused IT which we can use to manufacture new products. By doing so, we are actually minimizing the demand for raw materials in the process of fabrication, thereby benefitting our natural resources. Electronics recycling therefore also equates to less use of energy and chemicals that also equates to conserving natural resources.  

IT recycling opens up local jobs. Many big companies have been recycling for years and now many small firms are recycling their old IT products since ninety percent of them are reusable. As a result jobs in the recycling industry are on the increase. 

IT recycling aids in protecting the health of the public. Many pieces of IT and electronic kit contain toxic materials like mercury and lead which is truly harmful to people and the environment if disposed of incorrectly.  Examples of electronic products that contain lead are computer monitors and televisions while batteries in computer and other equipment have mercury, lead and cadmium. Rather than keeping them in a corner, or the stationery cupboard or throwing them into landfill, recycling is the best option to handle these types of trash.  

IT recycling helps businesses reduce costs. By using a provider like Lobster Net, to take in your old IT kit, not only are you helping the environment but you are potentially earning money off your old kit.  And if you take this a step further and buy your next piece of kit from Lobster Net, the costs will be far cheaper and the guarantees surprisingly longer, than most brand new kit and you have the pleasure of knowing you are helping the environment as well as keeping your business costs low. 

You see, IT and electronics recycling is not only good for your environment  - it is good for your business too. So if you have old networking kit – contact us and see if you can not only recycle your old kit but also be paid for it! 


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