Are CCIE Bootcamps worth it?

23/09/2015 11:23

One question anyone who is looking to undertake the CCIE Certification will always ask is. “Are CCIE Bootcamps worth it?” The short answer to this is yes but there are a lot of other things to be taken into consideration when supporting this answer.

Firstly for any readers who are not sure what a CCIE Bootcamp is, it is you and around another 30 other CCIE candidates in a room with a CCIE Instructor from one of the main vendors. 

This discussion focusses on the question are CCIE bootcamps worth it? We'd say they are, and here's why:

  • You're away from home most likely booked into a hotel for 2 weeks with nothing else to do but study CCIE
  • You will be getting high level instruction for up to 10 hours a day, sometimes more
  • You get to meet up with other candidates who are doing the same as you, some will become good friends.
  • Once the bootcamp is finished you will have been through the blueprint end to end, you will have learnt so much new stuff that you never even knew you didn’t know and you will have a group of contacts all focussed on taking the ccie lab in the next 6 months

Why are CCIE Bootcamps not worth it?

For all the positives of the CCIE Bootcamp there is always the other side of the argument. So here are the reasons why a CCIE bootcamp might not be worth it, you can then make your own decisions.

  • They are pretty expensive
  • You have to take 2 weeks off work
  • You have to pay for 2 weeks in a hotel
  • You have to deal with all the home life and any arrangements you need to make
  • You have to ask yourself would you learn any more or study any more if you locked yourself in your study for 2 weeks?

For the lucky ones all the financial elements and the 2 weeks off work can be taken care of by your employer so you only have to worry about the home life.

As for the 2 weeks locked in your study and if you would learn any more, this is a very good argument but realistically would you study 10-12 hours a day for 2 weeks?

Conclusions: Are ccie bootcamps worth it?

After going through the bootcamp experience I would highly recommend it, I met some great guys and it really puts you in the zone and shows  you were you need to be to become a CCIE. Ideally you should take a bootcamp twice, once at the start of your preparations to show you where you need to be and once more at the very end of  your preparations about 2 months out just to really hone your skills.

Most vendors will offer you a free re-sit on another boot camp if there are places, but you have to be careful with dates as some are only run once or twice and most are only run in the US and the UK

Credit: Roger Perkin CCIE 

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