Brexit fears overblown as more tech workers come to UK from outside the EU

15/01/2018 12:44

A recent study has revealed that a rising number of workers in the tech sector are coming to the UK from countries outside the EU such as India, America and Australia as opposed to major players within the EU. 

It’s hoped that with the release of these figures, the dismay surrounding Brexit and the worries that the UK will see a lack of tech talent can be appeased, even with red flags that leaving the EU could be detrimental to start-ups. Information gathered from Linkedin showed how many employees in the tech sector entered the UK in 2016. Amongst these were workers in aerospace, telecoms and healthcare.

The largest percentage of tech talent from outside the UK comes from India, with the US and Australia following closely behind. By comparison, Spain, France and Italy only contributed to 11% as a whole.

The researchers said that although technology workers are most highly-concentrated in London, just over half of those who arrived in the UK last year settled outside of the capital.

Past statistics have also implied that there are a larger number of workers in the tech sector from outside Europe as opposed to inside the EU. The government have recently increased the amount of ‘special visas’ on offer to non-EU tech workers, which will become of paramount importance once Brexit is officially finalised.

Nationwide, ministers are attempting to boost technology companies. Tech City was most recently financed, a London-centred company dedicated to setting up as many hubs as possible. They intend to become known as ‘Tech Nation’.

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