Thinking about buying refurbished Cisco?

27/01/2016 15:11

Buying any network technology can be a costly proposition but it really doesn’t have to be. The refurbished network component sales sector is fairly large and refurb kit is being used by all sorts of companies and organisations. How large is anybody’s guess but certainly many would be surprised by the plethora of household names deploying used kit in to their networks.


 So what’s the crack with all this refurbished kit and is it safe and sensible to use?

Ok let’s clear up a few myths first.

Buying Cisco refurbished kit does not mean any of the following:

  • The Cisco kit is counterfeit, nope not true although this does not mean that there is no such thing as Cisco counterfeit it definitely does not mean that it is all counterfeit. In fact you are more likely to buy counterfeit when buying new.
  • Refurbished Cisco kit cannot be supported by the OEM (original manufacturer), also not true. Whilst it is true that some Cisco kit will not be supported by the OEM this has nothing to do with the fact that it is refurbished. The issue is more to do with the fact that on some occasions certain Cisco appliances may have been on OEM support with a previous owner and it is this reason the support that cannot be transferred to another owner. That said the appliance can still be supported but not with the OEM’s technical support services such as SMARTnet. 
  • Refurbished Cisco is rebuilt hardware, hmmm not true again. The refurbished Cisco kit sold by Lobster Net has never been repaired or made up using components from failed units. The vast majority of Cisco refurbished actually leaves our warehouse in the same condition as it arrived. The only exception to this is that on some occasions we may undertake some cosmetic remedial work such as correcting scratches and blemishes. We never replace faulty internal components, our policy is that if a unit fails we do not sell it.

So now we’ve cleared up the myths what are the benefits?

  • Save money, buying refurbished Cisco could save you a small fortune and provide the performance, features and reliability of new Cisco hardware at a fraction of the price.
  • Save more money, buying support for refurbished Cisco is really not a problem and can be considerably cheaper than buying OEM support.
  • Peace of mind, @ Lobster Net our warranties on refurbished Cisco are so fantastic that we really can’t say too much about them other than……wow! All our refurbished kit is fully tested before dispatch.

Now that you have been overwhelmingly convinced that buying refurbished Cisco is definitely worth considering give us a call to explore a solution that works for you.

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