Most exciting developments at Google

07/11/2017 11:55

Google has long been a company known for leading the way in both the technology world and social sphere. Responsible for self-driving cars to a global navigation system, if Google were a stock it would be worth $75 billion. Below are some of the most exciting developments by Google.

Fusion tech

Google, along with Tri-Alpha Energy- a leading nuclear fusion company has created a revolutionary new computer algotherm which has acted as a catalyst for plasmas. The company are currently supported by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who has raised in excess of $500 million. The money has contributed towards Google Research to develop what has been titled as the ‘optometrist algorithm’.

Nuclear fusion is the process of joining atoms when they’re subjected to extreme temperatures- releasing an exceptional amount of energy. With this energy, processes that would usually take months could be completed in mere hours. In total the team experienced a 50% drop in energy losses- energy now used will be more safe, clean and even limitless, which will contribute to the fight against climate change.

Control of home appliances

In the spirit of fighting climate change, with Google households you will soon be rewarded for making changes in your household living, efforts as small as turning off lights when not in use and limiting heating in winter will earn you credit. This is in line with plans tech giants like Google and Amazon have to provide energy for homes in the UK.

The Government, as well as influencers in the ever-growing world of tech, hope that new ‘time of day’ tariffs (where energy bills can change according to availability) will become a household norm in just three years time. This information comes from Ofgem, who will be relaxing the licensing process surrounding data sharing rules to encourage tech firms to push these new tariffs. The scheme (if it reaches the hoped level of popularity) will save billions in electricity bills.

Smart speaker

Called Google Home, this device is ever listening to the goings on in the home, so that can adapt and become more intelligent. Its design is a sleek cylinder and will be available in multiple patterns to match the interior design of your home.

Google home will integrate with services like Spotify as well as being able to change temperature and lighting and has the benefit of being built to be used in accordance with multiple different devices in all across your home. This means you can ask one question, without four different speakers giving an answer.

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