Germany discovers Chinese intelligence over social media

15/01/2018 12:52

The German Intelligence service has released details of social media profiles which are reportedly pseudonym accounts of Chinese intelligence, which were attempting to collect personal information surrounding German officials and politicians. 

Rather unorthodoxly, the BfV domestic intelligence service released the names of the fake profiles, as well as supposed ‘organisations’ in order to warn public officials surrounding the exposure that comes with leaking important information throughout social platforms.

"Chinese intelligence services are active on networks like LinkedIn and have been trying for a while to extract information and find intelligence sources in this way"

Linkedin was seen to be targeted in particular- a total of nine months of research has revealed that in excess of 10,000 Germans were contacted via their Linkedin profiles by fake accounts, posing as other professionals.

"There could be a large number of target individuals and fake profiles that have not yet been identified," the BfV added.

Amongst the supposed professionals, were "Rachel Li", a "headhunter" at "RiseHR", as well as an "Alex Li", who was a "Project Manager at Center for Sino-Europe Development Studies". The profile pictures were described as visually amiable, with some even being stolen from online fashion catalogues.

This latest case encompasses growing worries amongst European intelligence, the BfV have stated that concerned users should reach out to them if they’ve come across/ been contacted by accounts that seem suspicious.

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