How Green is Green Technology?

18/10/2016 16:19

Not many of us are familiar with green technology. In fact, this is a relatively new matter that is being talked about nowadays. Green is the way to go today. But what is green technology? Is it really helping the environment? What current technology is considered green? Let’s find out.

The definition is simple. Green means environmentally friendly while technology refers to the application of knowledge for practical and innovative practices. Thus, green technology is the kind of technology that is developed and used in a way so that the environment and natural resources are not being disturbed.

Why do we need green technology?
We all know that the world contains only a fixed amount of natural resources and it’s truly upsetting to know that some of them have already been depleted and destroyed. Examples of technology output that are causing destruction to nature are household batteries and electronics that often contain hazardous chemicals that can contaminate the ground water after disposal. Aside from that, they can also contaminate our soil and water with chemicals that are difficult to remove from the water supply and also from the food crops that grew on contaminated soil. These are just some of the many risks. Imagine what else technology can do to our health.

What are examples of green machines?
The main goal of green technology is to meet the needs of society in a way where natural resources won’t be damaged. Think of it as a great idea that would benefit humanity without any compromises. Is it really possible? One existing proof of green technology is the solar cell which directly converts the energy sourced from light into electricity. How does that benefit the environment? Less consumption of fossil fuels means less pollution and emission of greenhouse gas.

Have you heard of green computers? Well, these are not computers that are literally green in color. These are computers with biodegradable parts. Green computing, on the other hand, is the eco-friendly way of using computers as well as their supplies. Computers and their parts are evidently hard to recycle because of the considerable amount of harmful chemicals in them such as lead, cadmium, plastics and brominated fire retardants. With green computing, the way of manufacturing, designing, disposing and operating of computers are being done so effectively with almost no impact to the environment.  

Hybrid cars are also one of the products of green technology. They are cars in between a gasoline-powered car and an electric car. They consume less fuel which is why they are called eco-friendly cars. They are small in size, though work more proficiently.  

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