AJ from Lobster achieves Huawei Specialist Certification

14/10/2015 11:42

Huawei Networks Specialist CertificationLobstrician at Lobster Net hits the road and skies and ends up in Schenzen, China. As part of our ongoing work with Huawei our lead technician embarked on a compressed enterprise switching and routing pre-sales training course. AJ who has been at Lobster Net for 4 years is a certified Cisco CCNA & CCNP technician and will now be able to provide pre-sales advice to the growing numbers of Huawei enterprise customers.

Q&A with AJ

What did you expect from the trip?

I expected a long journey, hard learning and exam stress. I also thought I would get the opportunity to learn a little about a country that has developed very rapidly.

What was the course focus?

The key objective of the course was to equip learners with exceptional insight on Huawei switching & routing products.

Given your Cisco background how different are the Huawei products?

The products are quite similar in many respects, there are some additional features and functionality on Huawei but nothing too difficult to adapt to. The Huawei products are very impressive, many of these provide additional features and functionality.

Who do you think Huawei products will appeal to?

I don’t think there will be any specific types of people or businesses that Huawei would not appeal to. The products are high quality, great value for money and perform brilliantly. In tough economic climates where public sector, charities and businesses are looking for that extra bang for their buck Huawei really does come up with the goods.

What’s next?

I’ll keep learning about Huawei products so that our customers can benefit from the Huawei offer, I know for sure that I have been convinced. I would also love to go back to China but next time I hope to see more of the country and meet more of the people.

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