Huawei to take on google self-driving cars ?

02/03/2018 11:37

Huawei, along with the help of its Mate 10 Pro has shown us that £529 might be everything you need for a self-driving motor. With the handsets AI at the wheel (powered by the firm's Kirin 970 chip), a Porsche was able to see obstacles such as balls, dogs, and bicycles, as well as understand its surroundings.

For a genuine demonstration, Huawei puts its phone-driven car to the test on a race track, with a dog strategically placed in its path. The AI not only spotted the dog, but turned the wheel in order to swerve around it.

Chief marketing officer of Huawei Western Europe, Andrew Garrihy stated that "We wanted to see if in a short space of time we could teach it to not only drive a car, but to use its AI capabilities to see certain objects, and be taught to avoid them."

This latest experiment comes as part of Huawei’s “RoadReader”, which is dedicated to recycling its AI phone tech into self-driving vehicles.

Both, Uber and Waymo (Google's self-driving vehicles unit) rely on a Lidar – a gumball-shaped, spinning gadget attached to the car's roof – to provide eyesight for their futuristic motors.

Google’s self driving vehicles unit, along with Uber, currently depend on Lidar, a cylinder like device fixed to the car’s roof to act as the vehicles eyes.

Lidar can be compared to a radar, although rather than emitting radio waves, it produces pulses of millions of infrared lasers per second, which provide feedback of the environment to warn of nearby objects and so on.

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