New vs Refurbished

15/02/2015 22:40

Our whole ethos at Lobster Net stems from our belief that our refurbished range of networking products beats buying new hands down, almost every time.

We've taken the liberty of creating the comparison chart below to highlight the key differences between new and refurbished products.

Warranty Up to 2 Years 2 / 3 Years
Discount Up to 70% off list price Up to a further 70% off of discounted New price
Delivery Subject to availability Next Day on stock items


Now that we've got that out of the way, we're not saying that it's always best to go for refurbished networking products over new. You could occasionally need the latest spec and technology to meet your requirements; which is where buying new comes into play; we'll always be happy to point you towards our range of new products should it ever be required.

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