Stroke patients benefiting from wearable tech

01/03/2018 15:11

Wearable sensors are currently under development by U.S scientists. It’s hoped that they will act as a catalyst for the recovery of stroke patients by sending a continuous flow of information to doctors. This gives therapists the opportunity to carry out more in-depth observations of their patients and change their approaches to recovery accordingly.

"This technology to put sensors on the body to assess which muscle groups work or not can really pinpoint the areas affected by the stroke and can target therapies to specifically improve those issues"

Said Lizzy McAninch, a stroke victim and doctor, who has herself been who has been trialling the wearable sensors, which she hopes will accelerate her recovery.

The sensors continue to send back readings for 24 hours a day. This means that her therapist, Kristen Hohl, from the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago, can monitor her progress at home.

McAninch’s therapist stated that "As a therapist, I think about what my patients are doing at home. Are they able to carry through the recommendations I'm giving them as a therapist to do more? Do we see that they are walking more or do we see them engaging in conversations?

Those are the types of things that I can get feedback from the sensors where currently I have to rely on what they tell me they have done."

By 2019, scientists behind this innovation will have gathered huge amounts of knowledge regarding stroke recovery- it's hoped by researchers that the information they will accumulate can revolutionise patient care.

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