Why Should You Go for Refurbished Network Equipment?

02/08/2016 16:25



Many of us prefer buying brand new IT kit because we think that is our only optionBut what if there was an alternative – a way you could reduce the cost of your new network equipment but guarantee the quality? That’s where refurbished Cisco and Huawei at Lobster Net comes into play. 

What is refurbished kitWell – it’s not broken down, damaged or faulty goods – they go back to the manufacturer or get thrown out.  Our refurbished kit is mostly old euipment that has been taken out of somewhere because the company are moving, upgrading, or need more capacity.  The kit is still serviceable and where necessary can be updated etc to make it as good a new.   The one thing that is not ‘as good as new’ is the price.   

Refurbished kit is considerably cheaper than newThe discount can range from a minimum of 15 up to 50 or 60 percent compared to the original price in the market. So why wouldn’t you want that? Even a few pounds less from the retail price per item can add up, but the kind of discounts normally found at Lobster Net are not to be sneezed at!    So if your company is looking for great value – then you have just found it.  

Since refurbished products are already repaired/updated and tested by experts, the likelihood of them breaking down is minimal. But what if something does go wrong?  Well it might surprise you to know that in many cases the kit at Lobster Net is sold with 1,2 or even 3 year warranties, which are often longer than that given on new kit. Yes, you read that right! Shave a browse around our Lobstore to see if we have the kit you need. 

Brand new electronics have their appeal – but if Carling sold refurbished networking kit – it would be called – the Lobstore! Low cost and eco friendly  order now and have it delivered to your place by going to our site: http://www.itslobsternet.co.uk/. 




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