Network support, should I shouldn't I?

09/09/2015 13:56

Ensuring your network infrastructure is running at optimal levels and that your organisation is prepared for any potential hardware failures is absolutely critical but implementing this kind of support can be costly, can’t it? Well, in essence yes it can but it doesn’t have to be. When considering whether or not you require a support contract it’s important that you consider all the opportunities and potential risks.

Some of the risks of not having a support arrangement include critical hardware failure leaving your organisation with a serious vulnerability that could affect business critical communications, other risks such as paying over the odds for an ad-hoc support call out that is not connected to any support agreement/package as well as potentially having to pay for costly replacement hardware. And of course the downtime that could cost you a small fortune depending on the nature of your business.



Conversely the opportunities are significant, yes these cost too but in the greater scheme of things these costs could be far less significant than having to reactively fix things when they go wrong. Some of the opportunities to consider are listed below:

1) Procure a support agreement that covers you in the event that you experience a network failure, there are a number of support agreements that could be tailored to suit your budget and requirements.

2) Consider 3rd party cover, this means it may not be the full blown manufacturer recommended support such as Cisco SmartNet but it can cover much of the same type of support at a fraction of the cost.

3) Hold spares, by holding spares means you can simply remove the faulty hardware and replace it like for like, sounds expensive I hear you say! Well, not necessarily. At Lobster Net we specialise in supplying refurbished and fully warranted hardware that is held by the customer and is deployed when necessary, this could save you a small fortune!

4) Lobstore, if you operate multiple sites and need hardware dispatched when required we will happily hold components that you purchase from us in our Lobstore waiting to be dispatched to your chosen location on your instructions.

Speak to us at Lobster Net to explore network support solutions that can be structured to your organisational requirements and financial capacity.


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