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07/08/2015 15:33

Sitting on redundant networking components? Clawback some cash NOW!


Storing unwanted networking components such as switches, routers, wireless access points, IP phones and firewalls could be a costly business. Given the pace of technological development and the subsequent release of ever improving network devices the best time to either trade in or simply sell your redundant asset is as soon as it becomes surplus to requirements. Should you decide to wait until you find the time to list, test and or transport to someone who may make you an offer could cost you a small fortune. The longer you hold on to the hardware the more it depreciates and the lower the return on investment you will realise.

Speak to us at Lobster Net, we’ll collect your hardware free of charge, test it and if the kit is as described we’ll pay you the agreed price by whatever means is convenient for you.

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