Modern Parenting: Dealing with ‘Tech-Obsessed’ Kids

11/10/2016 16:03

Kids in earphones, youngsters using smart phones, tablets and other gadgets—these are the common pictures of kids nowadays. Children are just so obsessed with technology that they can spend hours just holding their gadgets.

Now that modern parenting also involves the usage of gadgets, some parents don’t even hesitate in letting their youngsters play with it. In fact, one reason why parents allow their kids to be exposed to different kinds of gadgets is to keep them occupied. The question is—should we really allow our kids to use gadgets? If yes, up to what extent? Should there be a specific screen time?

Kids undeniably love technology. At some point, they are developing a range of skills when they play with the educational apps—which is a good thing! Here’s my take: should parents allow their kids to use gadgets? Yes! Be occupied with gadgets? Definitely not! My point is, the problem isn’t about the technology. Technology insists to make our lives easier.

Admit it or not, parenting is what makes the toddlers be tech-obsessed. You have all the power to tell your kid when to play with gadget or not. You have all the power to control your youngsters’ screen time. Do you agree? If you can’t simply enforce tablet limits on your 8-year-old kiddo then technology isn’t the one to blame.

One article says that by having no gadgets, kids will be able to pursue other interests that will be crucial to their development and learning. My two-year-old niece learned to speak English through the Ipad apps. She started by watching nursery rhymes in English the n learning the ABC song. At the same time, she learns by engaging with other toddlers by playing in the play ground with other kids or by spending time with her cousins.

No gadgets during school week is one way to keep your children from being tech-obsessed. They know how to use the gadgets and keep up with the modern kids, yes, but they also have the concept of study time. Instilling the importance of having study habits to your kids makes them understand why gadgets should not occupy most of their time. and when you say “no gadgets during school week” then stick to it. You should be the one to keep the gadgets and let them use it at the right schedule.

Remember: kids will never be tech-obsessed if they have guiding parents to tell them the dos and donts and whens and when and when not tos. Technology is good when properly used.


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