What we can expect from tech and digital marketing in 2018

01/03/2018 15:33

Social media sites, search engines, as well as a multitude of other digital platforms are frequently updating themselves to keep up with the progressions of their respective industries, and for us to keep on top, it’s vital that we make ourselves aware of the current climate. This way, you’re able to better equip yourself for any innovations that may occur in your market and develop your business strategies accordingly.

This may not seem like anything new, considering the fact that on average 3.25 billion hours of video are viewed on Youtube each month, but video is only set to get bigger.

By 2020, its predicted that digital video will take over upwards of 80% of internet traffic. Video provides more opportunity than any other form of marketing to get across your brand message, and the creativity behind it allows your company to stand out.

Augmented Reality
Augmented reality, unlike virtual reality, uses existing environments and overlays new information, and has certainly received massive amounts of attention amongst hobbyists in recent years with games such as Pokemon Go.

Now, we’re seeing its implementation as a business tool. Ikea, for example, has an app which gives shoppers the freedom to place furniture throughout their own home before making a purchase. Currently, the general population dedicates almost 70% of their media time to their phones and this is only set to rise.

Voice Search
Devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa are already dominating voice search technology and it's predicted that in just two years, voice searches will make up half of all search engine enquiries.

Researching and keeping on top of keywords that are associated with your business/service is the best way for you to rank as high as possible. Since this technology uses information from a range of different search engines, it’s important for you to develop your SEO tactics across a wide range of digital platforms.

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