Technology and its Place in Education

13/03/2015 11:08

With a proportion of our client base working in the education sector, we understand the importance a place for emerging technologies has within learning environments, and the beneficial impacts this can have on a student’s learning experience.

Some of these key benefits include;


Students are able to work with other individuals in different locations, not only nationally but potentially internationally too. Distance learners can join in via online communities, expanding the classroom network.

Children working together


Multi-screen behaviour will prevail in the future and be present in most of our daily tasks, so it’s important that it is incorporated into the learning environment.

Integrating technology could help prepare students for their future career, which is likely to use wireless technology, as well as prepping students for a ‘real world’ environment, in which we are increasingly technology-dependent.


For many students, learning with technology is a relatively new experience and as such, this interactive method of teaching could help engage and challenge students, stimulating their familiarity with technology in the real world.

As most millennials interact and engage with technology on a daily basis, incorporating the tools and apps they are familiar with, with learning, could be extremely beneficial on their engagement levels.


The skills a student acquires from using technology in learning includes, but is not limited to;

• Communication
• Social awareness
• Presentation skills
• Remote learning
• Planning
• Digital knowledge
• Teamwork

Get tech ready.

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