The latest tech renovations in cars

07/11/2017 12:11

All aspects and objects of society seem to have seriously renovated themselves, technologically speaking- and cars are no exception. Brands are more in competition than ever, and the result, are some highly sophisticated vehicle gadgets, below is a list of some of the most exciting tech renovations in cars.

Road Safety software

Computer science scholar Cheung Yiu-ming and his team have created a software that can detect drowsy drivers and makes them aware, by using simple, generic smartphone. The system will operate by working with iPhone real-time video, to track and evaluate the driver's facial features.

It will access key symptoms of tiredness, e.g. changes in head position and dropped eyelids. All the driver has to do is place their smartphone near their steering wheel, with the front camera facing them. If the software recognises anything out of the ordinary, an alarm will be set off. To make sure the driver is awake and alert, it must be turned off by voice or touch.

Winegard Pathway X1

A tool that would be considered more innovative, than revolutionary. The Winegard Pathway X1 allows parents a breather for those seemingly unbearable long road trips. It’s a lightweight, portable satellite that holds at least 120 channels for your children to entertain themselves on the road. Obviously, parents will have to take a DISH Network Solo HD receiver, and a physical, there is a costly monthly fee, it’s pay as you go- so you only have to top up on a journey you feel is long enough to be needed.

Smart Key

Not so much a car feature as a car accessory, quite fittingly, the BMW 7 series key is just as sleek as the car itself and is more comparable to our mobiles and smartwatches than your average fob. It boasts 4 buttons, and perhaps more interestingly, a 2.2. Inch touchscreen.

This handy feature allows you to see information like the number of doors in your car that are locked, your current fuel range, and control your car's climate. But, perhaps the most exciting feature of this ‘smartkey’ is that it offers remote control parking, meaning that you can reverse and pull out your car- without even being in it.

Some of these gadgets hold more value in the way of a handy gimmick, whereas others can make genuine differences in the way of road safety and awareness. Something all of these technologies share in common is the opportunity to make our whole driving experience more streamlined- all tech developments and the possibilities that come with them, are in my opinion an exciting prospect.

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