Our Top 10 InfoSec Blogs This Year

01/07/2016 18:12



There are a lot of good InfoSec Blogs out there – and if you are not listed in our Top 10, our apologies – but you might be in our Top 50 (yet to be published) – so feel free to contact us and let us know about your/any cool Infosec blogs you think should be in there. 

  1. http://krebsonsecurity.com/  @BrianKrebs  Krebs is from a journalistic background and a keen investigative reporter, he is credited with breaking the Target Data Breach last year and being the first to report on the Stuxnet worm in 2010.   We love his recent blog on card skimmers found at self checkout lanes at Walmart.  Let's hope that doesn't happen at @Tesco!   

  1. https://dankaminsky.com/ @dakami  Dan has advised many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and Cisco.  He writes in depth about the security issues of the day including Heartbleed and has been writing about this stuff for more years than you can shake a stick at!   Check out his blog on validating (or not) Satoshi.   

  1. http://www.itsecurityguru.org/ @IT_SecGuru  IT Security Guru is a community – in their own words that is a 'daily news digest of all the best breaking IT security news stories first thing in the morning'.  A great recent blog by guest blogger Robert Arandjelovic was about encryption traffic management   

  1. http://www.darkreading.com/  @DarkReading  Dark Reading is one of the top resources for security news and commentary.   Their stated goal is to help 'security pro's manage the balance between 'data protection' and user access.'  They have a panel of contributors including some of the most prestigious names in the industry. They also have great 'podcasts' in the form of Dark Reading Radio – like this one on Getting the Most Out of Your Security Budget.   

  1. http://securityweekly.com/  @securityweekly  Paul Asadoorian's Security Weekly is a combination of weekly live videos and written posts, including news, tutorials, research, hacker techniques and more in a blend of content and entertainment.  The stated aim is to make people into 'security ninja's'.  Blogs include one including info on a 10 year old boy who identified vulnerabilities on Instagram.  

  1. http://itsecurity.co.uk/ @kevtownsend  This is an independent blog which aims to present the views of its authors (including Townsend) in a 'new and challenging manner'.  Posts include one on the new EU Data Protection Regulations. 

  1. https://www.liquidmatrix.org/blog  @liquidmatrix   Dave Lewis is a security practitioner who has been writing this blog since 1998.  He knows his stuff and also uses cool pics like this one on a blog about Network taps.   

  1. http://www.andrewhay.ca/  @andrewsmhay  Andrew Hay is Director of Research at openDNS.  He is frequently asked for expert commentary and writes for many other blogs including Dark Reading (mentioned above).  We like his blog on how the fractured security ecosystem has implications for your business. 

  1. http://www.flyingpenguin.com/  @daviottenheimer  We have to admit the name of this site may have had some influence on it being in our top 10.  Who could NOT like a blog called – flying penguin!  Check out this blog on an easy BlueTooth car hack 

  1. https://www.grahamcluley.com/  @gcluley    Graham currently has more than 47,000 followers on Twitter, which we guess is testament to the great content he puts out on infosec issues.  One of Grahams claims to fame is that he wrote the first ever version of Dr Solomon's Anti Virus. Great blog on password security Graham – amongst many others! 

So there you have it – our top 10 InfoSec Bloggers in all their glory.  Thanks for the great blogs guys, and here's to many more!!  


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