Windows 10: Do you need to upgrade or not?

01/11/2016 16:34

The question of whether you need to upgrade or not has long been overdue because the free upgrade to Windows 10 finally ended on July 29th, exactly a year after it was initially released. But yes, you can still upgrade. Microsoft left the chance to upgrade for the assistive technology users since the Anniversary Update which is due today (Aug 2) still has some enhancements to offer.  

While there is really no verification if you are using Window’s assists, it is possible that you can still be able to upgrade for free. If you click on the Upgrade Now button, the executable file will initiate the upgrade. 

So have you decided yet? Then allow us to help you decide.  

You can easily downgrade Windows 10 if you chose to upgrade and didn’t like it. Microsofcame up with a simple process that only requires a few clicks to revert your system to its previous version as long as the windows.old folder is still in your system. But what’s important is yes, you can downgrade. 

Windows 10 has the same desktop style as Windows 7, compared to the splitting apps into two desktop environments of Windows 8. The Charms bar is no longer there, but replaced by an even better Settings section that can be easily found on the Start Menu. 

One asset of Windows 10 is that modern apps run on the desktop and with the freshly introduced Universal Apps, you can purchase something and use it in all your other Windows devices like another pc, a tablet, Xbox One or even your phone. What’s even better than that is the new feature called Continuum which detects the type of device you are using and adjusts the interface correspondingly. 

Siri is for Apple while Cortana is for Windows 10. This smart assistant can now be used not just on Windows phones but on laptops and desktops as well. Though it doesn’t allow you to control your PC through your voice, you can click on the search section of the taskbar and make some web queries through Cortana. Aside from that, this new feature also allows you to schedule appointments in your calendar, dictate notes and reminders, get map directions, control your media, and more other commands that you will surely enjoy. But wait, there’s more! Microsoft is also releasing version of Cortana that is compatible for Android and Apple devices so you can sync up your data whichever device you are using. 

Virtual Desktops is another new feature added in Windows 10. With this addition, you can effortlessly create several workspaces on your PC and switch between them all at once through the Task View mode. And with the Snap Assist feature, you can customize the windows on your desktop by taking up half of the screen or splitting them into four quarters.  

The above-discussed features are just some of the many perks that Windows 10 offers. Though compatibility is a different story, the bottom line is that Windows 10 was able to fix the unpleasant attributes in Windows 8. And since it can simply be rolled back to the previous version if you didn’t like the interface (which I doubt), Windows 10 is highly recommendable. 

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