Wow what a warranty!

04/09/2015 15:49

Wow what a warranty!

Investing in network infrastructure hardware can be a costly proposition so ensuring you get the most out it is important, to say the least. Most manufactures offer a warranty of up to 1 year aside from Huawei who offer, on some components, a limited lifetime warranty.

At Lobster Net we offer added assurances with an all singing all dancing warranty that gives you peace of mind and minimises your total cost of ownership.


Our warranty for end users can cover a period of up to 3 years reducing our customer’s total cost of ownership by ensuring that your purchases from Lobster Net are covered for that extended period.

Lobster Net’s enhanced warranty is provided on many of our products and is available at no extra cost! Surely that’s an offer you cannot refuse.

Speak to us now at Lobster Net for all your Cisco, Dell, APC, and Juniper & Huawei networking requirements.

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