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Why use Lobster?

If you're a feeling a bit doubtful about allowing a third party company in to manage your entire network, you've definitely got your head screwed on right and we don't blame you at all.


Before you leave us though; give one of our team a shout and we'll gladly provide you with more info on who we work with already.

How to do it

Just drop us a message, or call with some information about the size of your network along with your immediate requirements.


Once we've got that, we'll be able to give you an estimated cost. Following that, we'll come onsite to inspect the network to ensure that we're prepared for all eventualities.

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Too busy for forms?

We get it, you want to speak to a real person, just click on the lovely Live Chat icon at the bottom of your screen. Do you see it? Good stuff. Click that.

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Network Planning
When you're looking to upgrade your network; our team of Lobsters, Cisco experts will be on hand to ensure a positive and trouble free upgrade experience.
Network Maintenance
As they do, problems pop their nasty little heads when you least expect it. Our technical team can help via Live Chat, telephone or onsite visits.
Network Optimisation
Let us monitor your network to keep an eye out for bugs or bottlenecks and deal with them as required. Chat now if you're looking to optimise your network.
Network ready to meet your upgrade spec? We'll let you know
Ensure your upgrade meets your technical requirements
Install, configure and test your new network installation
We'll tell you what you need in order to upgrade. Simple
If the worst happens, we'll ensure your network doesn't suffer.
Move over to VOIP and we'll sort you out with all the kit you need
We are pretty good at repair

We work with Europe’s largest network repair centres capable of everything from the smallest repair to the most complex component level repair, all of our repairs are based on our quality “No Fix, No Fee” policy.


We will repair and return your equipment as quickly as possible and can loan you replacements whilst the repair is underway.

Wherever you are, whenever you need it

Our dedicated logistics team are able to send shipments worldwide using a variety of methods that suit your requirement and budget.


  • Same day UK service
  • Ship anything worldwide
  • Tracking and delivery notifications
  • Assistance with customs clearance